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Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield is undoubtedly a major economic engine in the region. As of March 2014, the estimated economic impact is $4.9B. That is correct, billions per year. The presence of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield can be felt in communities within the southeast Georgia region and the entire state.

Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter (SEGAFFSH) is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 1999, dedicated to enhancing the overall economic value of Fort Stewart and its surrounding communities. This progressive regional relationship includes military community, local governments, public agencies, businesses, and individual partners. Education, health care, housing, child care, transportation, etc. is our focus as we strive to keep our military installation an integral part of the community.

We are looking for partners to invest in the future of the region and a pledge of support for installation sustainability with a focus on quality of life issues. SEGAFFSH welcomes an opportunity to present to you or any group you are involved why we believe there is need to support a combined approach. Additionally, we can discuss who is engaged in the effort, how the group intends to proceed, and what results are expected.

Explore the website and consider joining us in this endeavor. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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