Fort Stewart/HAAF ranks among the top 5 bases in all categories used in assessing military value

It is the premier power projection platform on the east coast

It is the largest installation east of the Mississippi at 284,834 acres capable of training on every weapon/munition in the Army arsenal, except nuclear

While it doesn't have the name, Fort Stewart/HAAF is a joint base with Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy constantly training

Hunter Army Airfield provides an aerial port of debarkation with the longest runway on the east coast at 11,375 feet. HAAF can accommodate 56 of the largest aircraft in the military/civilian inventory (C5/747)

Four seaports of debarkation are accessible to Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield at Savannah, Brunswick, Charleston, and Jacksonville with global reach

Our region’s air space is plentiful without Federal Aviation Administration restriction from North Carolina all the way down to Florida

First Brigade of the 3rd ID is the only Heavy Brigade east of the Mississippi River. It is under the 18th Airborne Corps which is the nation’s "911" force

Cost of training at Fort Stewart is comparatively low to other areas

Encroachment on the base from business/housing is not an issue

The Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) program is expanding and among the best in the U.S.

Large tracts of land on Fort Stewart/HAAF are available for construction with no environmental issues to hamper completion.

It is an ideal staging base for coastal defense in conjunction with the other coastal regional partners in Georgia

Cooperative Ventures

Quality of Life

Military Value


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The Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter has been actively involved in protecting Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield since 1999. We support Fort Stewart/HAAF and the soldiers and civilians that work in and around it. We recognize Fort Stewart /HAAF is not only an economic engine in the coastal Georgia area, but has immense strategic importance to the nation. Take a moment to review these facts about Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, and you too will understand how beneficial it is for the 3rd ID to remain in Coastal Georgia.

2016 Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter Membership Application

Fort Stewart is the five-time winner of the Army Community of Excellence in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2012. The years not won during that time period were due to guidelines not allowing the installation to compete

Local area is ripe with opportunity for soldiers to enjoy leisure and travel

Employers relocate and move here because of the qualified, drug-free, motivated workforce

A state-of-the-art Veterans Administration Clinic has just opened up in Hinesville adding to the service our region offers veterans

The community appreciates and supports soldiers and family members by welcoming them to the area and making them feel at home whether they are here for a day or choosing to stay for a lifetime 

Fort Stewart airport is joint-use with Wright Army Airfield located at the MidCoast Regional Airport

The wastewater treatment plant on Fort Stewart is operated by the city of Hinesville

Armstrong State University is building a new campus in Hinesville

A new library is being built by the city of Hinesville which will allow Fort Stewart to minimize or eliminate service on post